Some interesting facts about upper mustang Nepal

interesting facts about upper mustang Nepal

Amazing facts about Upper Mustang Nepal

Upper mustang area decorated with lots of natural and manmade resources as well as the untouched Tibetan culture and lifestyle. There are so many things to see and explore but because of being controlled area limited numbers of mysteries are discovered. Mustang region famous for its tremendous diversity of landscape, plants, animals, people and culture.  facts about upper mustang NepalIt is a restricted area of Nepal located at north part of mustang district, Gandaki Province in Nepal.

Kingdom of Lo or Upper Mustang is a place that has long been shrouded in mystery and intrigue. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique history, there are many fascinating facts about Upper Mustang that are worth know before go.

It takes time to discover whole secrets of this valley but here we are going to share some interesting facts about upper mustang Nepal. Upper Mustang region has a rich history and cultural heritage which can be traced back to the 8th century when the region was part of the Tibetan Empire. Mustang region was a crucial part of the ancient salt trade route between Tibet and India. It served as a crucial trading point between the two regions. Many traders from Tibet, China, and India passed through Mustang. As a result, the region became a melting pot of various cultures and traditions.

In the 14th century, the region was annexed by the Kingdom of Lo, a Buddhist kingdom that was ruled by the monarchs of the Tibetan Bön religion. The Kingdom of Lo remained an independent kingdom until the late 18th century when it became a part of Nepal.

During the lower to upper mustang journey travelers pass through the verdant forests, alpine pastures, fascinating rural settlements, dramatic monasteries, barren desert, interesting facts and gorgeous valleys of the region. One can have amused by the hospitable appearance of the local people and eventually will the feel like being an important member of their community. Book this trip to explore all interesting facts of upper mustang Nepal.

Interesting facts about Mustang Nepal

1: There are more than 10000 manmade sky caves that build in high cliff in upper mustang, some of them are used as the sky burials, monasteries, shelter and other purpose.

2: Upper mustang opens for tourist since 1992.

3: There are more than 10000 manmade sky caves in upper mustang area of Nepal.

4: Kaligandaki river originate from damodar kunda and follow through the upper mustang toward lower.

5: Lo Manthang is the Capital city of Forbidden kingdom of Mustang. it is part of Nepal now, traditions and cultures remain purely Tibetan.

6: Economic condition of the residence of upper Mustang depend on tourism, animal husbandry and trade. Tiji Festival in Mustang

7: Tibetan Buddhism is still being practiced in pure form in Upper mustang.

8: There are many ancient monasteries built in 8th century by the Guru Padmasambhava related to Nyingma sect of Buddhism.

9: Tiji Festival is a main festival of Upper mustang celebrates annually. It is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

10: Damodar kunda located in upper mustang, it is a sacred site of Hindu, origins of fossil stone and Kali gandaki river.

11: Upper Mustang and Kali Gandaki valley a part of traditional salt trading route from Tibet to India used in the 15th century.

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Walk or drive north out of Jomsom takes up to a religious community which has unusual perspectives, belief and practice, influences by the Tibetan Buddhism. Hiking or driving along the Kali Gandaki river one can observe natural diversity, open rocky slopes as well as the snow-topped Himalayan pinnacles, Buddhist chortens, unique villages and more.

Upper Mustang is a region of Nepal that is full of unique history, culture, and natural beauty. It is a place that is worth exploring for anyone who is interested in the rich cultural heritage of Nepal and the Himalayas. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or a spiritual seeker, Upper Mustang has something to offer everyone.

Upper Mustang is one of the exciting travel destinations of Himalayas. If you are planning to go for this place then make some research about the destination, possibility, and safety tips. All you need to know the Brief history of mustang district and facts about upper mustang Nepal.

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