Tiji festival Photos of Lo Manthang with images of Mustang

Tiji festival Photos Lo manthang with images of Mustang

Tiji festival Photos of Lo Manthang with images of Mustang

Tiji festival is a colorful tenchi festival. This post dedicated to share Tiji festival photos a simple things that will inspire and make you instantly happier. Given pictures of Tiji Festival are captured during celebration time in the last forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Tiji Festival is a well known annual carnival that takes place at Lo Manthang.upper mustang nepal images

Tiji tells the story of a deity called Dorje Jono who battle against his demon father to protect the kingdom of mustang from devastation. During the 3 days of celebration monks performs ‘Tsa Chaam’ ‘Ngacham’and ‘Rha Chham  dances to brings peace and prosperity to the land of mustang.

The tiji festival dances are all organized by the Choedhe monastery, which belongs to the Sakya sect of Buddhism. People in mustang strongly believed that the tiji festival bring hope and peace to protect them from evil forces. Check out for latest photos of most auspicious tiji festival in upper mustang area of Annapurna conservation area.

Tiji festival photos of Lo Manthang capture the energy, colors, and emotions of this ancient tradition. The images are a testament to the Mustangi people’s rich cultural heritage and their commitment to preserving it for generations to come. The Tiji festival of Lo Manthang is an incredible event that celebrates the ancient traditions of the Mustangi people. The photos of the festival showcase the beauty and vibrancy of this tradition, and are a must-see for anyone interested in Nepalese culture and history.

Lo Manthang is a remote and mystical kingdom located in the Mustang district of Nepal. It is home to the ancient Tiji festival, also known as the “Chasing of the Demons” festival. People use to celebrate this festival to wish the world peace. 3 days long Tiji festival celebrate in spring season, generally on the month of May. Watch the pictures of age old Tibetan rituals perform in Lo Manthang Nepal. If you love to celebrate this festival with local write us.

Pictures of Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang photo gallery