Top 10 reasons why you should visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Top 10 reasons why you should visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Top 10 reasons to visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Upper Mustang region is a bucket full of wonders. There are many reasons to visit upper mustang Nepal. This area accessible either Nepal china highway by driving or walking along ancient indo Tibet trading route. Upper mustang is one of the controlled and mysterious travel destination of Nepal. Tourists from around the world visit upper mustang to know its unique landscape, culture, lifestyle and exciting history.Rent a jeep in Jomsom for Muktinath or Lo Manthang

Upper Mustang is one of the best tourist attractions of Nepal. Local tea house / lodges in this route provides verity of food, essential comfortable accommodation and heart touching hospitality to the guests. You will learn the culture of the local people that live there and get the opportunity to taste their food.

Upper Mustang is a remote and rugged region of Nepal that lies in the northern part of the Annapurna region. Restricted part of upper mustang begins from Kagbeni village require special permits to enter. Each place has their own identity and beauty to attract visitors lets discuss about the reasons that attract the tourist to visit Mustang.

Why you should visit Upper Mustang Nepal

1: To discover Tibetan culture, tradition, people and lifestyle which still preserved well in real form in upper mustang Nepal.

2: To travel around the former kingdom of Lo and know about its archeological, cultural, historical and religious importance of walled city Lo Manthang Nepal.

3: To explore 10000 mysterious manmade sky caves in mustang used for cave civilization, sky burial, shelter and other purpose, listen its myth from local.

4: To walk around ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet along the residence of ethnic tribe.

5: To feel the warm hospitality of Thakali, Gurung and Lowa communities of mustang Nepal.Upper mustang helicopter tour

6: To discover historic Buddhist monuments (longest Mani wall, Chortens, prayer flags, prayer wheel) and distinct history ancient monasteries.

7: To visit around holy Damodar Kunda lake for pilgrimage, taking a bath in this sacred lake, it is the only origin of black ammonite fossil of Nepal.

8: To observe an amazing landscape, desert, high mountain views, apple farming as well as the natural diversity.

9: To celebrate famous Tiji and Yartung festival with local in Mustang.

10: To worship in sacred Muktinath Temple situated at 3800m above sea level, popular between Hindu and Buddhist. It is belief that taking a bath in this sacred lake will help to wash away sins of previous and current life.

Upper Mustang is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in adventure, culture, and history. With its unique geography, rich culture, stunning landscapes, and trekking tours opportunities in Himalayas. Upper Mustang is a destination that will leave a lasting impression on any traveler.

These are the top 10 reasons to visit upper mustang Nepal. beside that there are so many mysterious regions still un discovered because upper mustang is a restricted area. Limited numbers of travelers visit each year and not allowed to explore beyond the travel route. In near future local found many interesting caves and other things that are more important than this reason to visit upper mustang Nepal.