Upper Mustang trail effected by new road to Lo Manthang

Upper mustang road

Upper Mustang trail effected by new road to Lo Manthang

Upper Mustang is not only the hidden paradise but also the hub of cultural heritage. Medieval Earthen Walled City of Lo Manthang Nepal is one of the best place to visit once in a life time to observe the real image of Tibetan culture.

Upper Mustang road trip NepalRoad construction in upper mustang helps to connect this area to the different parts of Nepal and Tibet. It brings some opportunity for local and some conflict to preserve the Tibetan culture, tradition.

Unmanaged Parking of motorcycle, jeep, tractor and other vehicles in around Lo Manthang made this area dirty and unpleasant.

Lifestyle of local influences by the modernity day by day. It is important to preserve the culture of upper mustang in real form by themselves.

In fact, the road damaged the trekking trail but brings lots of tourist by car and connect Nepal and China through road for business as well.

It is modern silk road for trade between Nepal and Tibet. Pokhara to kora la road via mustang play the great role to uplift economy of Nepal.

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Before road construction there are limited number of tourist reached mustang by walking. After road construction there are many domestic and foreign tourists visiting upper mustang annually. Some of the hiking company, guides and porters loose the job, but it open opportunity to established different business including tours, transport, export import etc. It is a great progress for Nepalese community.

Road to lo Manthang Pokhara, Beni Jomsom kora la road resolved the transportation problem, upgrade the economy and lifestyle of local. Now there is off road all the way to China border. Beni Jomsom part of upper mustang road under the process to paved (black top). Local people built alternative walking trail to avoid road and make easy for trekkers.

These days you can hire a jeep from Pokhara to upper mustang to explore ancient monasteries, caves, canyons, cold desert, incredible landscapes, Lowa tribes, their untouched culture and lifestyle easily.

Road to Lo Manthang attract many travellers from around the world in upper mustang area by road.

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