Major highlights of Upper Mustang valley Nepal

Highlights of Upper Mustang valley Nepal trip

Major highlights of Upper Mustang valley Nepal

Major highlights of upper Mustang are Buddhist culture, traditional villages, ancient monasteries, snow-capped peaks, striking semi-arid desert, sky caves, amazing cliffs, colorful rock formations and walled city Lo Manthang etc.

Upper Mustang is one of the best travel destination of Nepal because of its touristic, religious, cultural, archaeological and strategic importance. Government of Nepal controlled this area to travel for foreign explorers, to protect its culture and environment in real form. There are many places to see and things to do in upper mustang area but still most of them are unknown.

Kagbeni is the entry point of ancient kingdom of Lo. Upper Mustang is a restricted areas of Nepal. Other highlights of upper mustang Nepal are Spectacular views of the giant Himalayan mountain peaks Annapurna, Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri range.

Highlights of upper mustang Nepal listed below

1: Lo Manthang: Lo Manthangh, is the highest point of Upper Mustang trail and the capital of former kingdom of Lo. Upper Mustang is known for its well-preserved medieval Tibetan culture and trekking to the ancient capital city of Lo Manthang is one of the highlights.upper mustang trek highlights

2: Chhoser : Chhoser area is an attractive destination of upper mustang. There are some ancient monasteries and caves including 9 stair cave with 45 rooms inside.

3: Korala: Korala (Nepal Tibet border) is the best place to see the Tibetan high land, an eye-catching place of upper mustang.

4: Tiji festival: Tiji is the main festival in Mustang Nepal, local celebrate this annually on the month of May.

5: Luri Gumpa: Luri monastery is an ancient monastery, situated near the village of Ghara and Yara.It is ancient religious and historical sites of devotion

6: Ghar Gumba: Ancient Ghar Gumba was built in the 8th century by a Tibetan Magician Guru Padmasambhava related to Nyingma sect of Buddhism.

7: Damodar Kunda : Feature highlights of Upper Mustang is the Damodar kunda Lake, the main source of fossil stone; origin of the Kaligandaki River.

8: Sky caves Nepal : There are more than 10000 sky caves around upper mustang valley. It is grand opportunity to discover ancient Sky burial, cave civilization.

9: Old style villages: Traveling around traditional villages like Kagbeni, Chhusang, Ghiling, Ghami, Dhakmar and Tsarang fascinated you with its unique nature & Tibetan culture untouched by the modernity.Annual Tiji Festival celebration at Lo-Manthang

10: Ancient Chortens, Longest mani wall, Red cliff of dhakmar, Tibetan culture, Amazing Landscape are the major highlights of upper mustang trekking area of Himalayas.

11: Stunning Landscape: The trek to Upper Mustang offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri mountain ranges. The rugged terrain of the region is dotted with canyons, gorges, and stunning rock formations.

12: Tibetan Culture: Upper Mustang offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture and learn about their rich history, traditions, and way of life.

13: Meeting with Local : Interacting with the friendly and hospitable local communities is one of the highlights of the trek. The residents of Upper Mustang are mostly Tibetan Buddhists, known for their warmth and hospitality.

Upper mustang trek highlights are Kagbeni, Chhusang, Ghiling, Ghami, Dhakmaar, Tsarang, Ghar gumba, Lo Manthang, Chhoser area, Korala while going up. when you back then Yara Ghara, Luri gumba, Kaligandaki River, Damodar kunda, monasteries, Chortens, mani wall and of amazing landscapes etc. Upper Mustang is a wonderful trekking destination of Nepal.

Hospitality of upper mustang, local cuisine, Tibetan culture and life style attract visitors from around the world. Trekking follow the ancient Trans-Himalaya Salt Trading Caravan route to explore the upper mustang. We organize trekking and tours in this area if you interested to discover hidden secrets of Himalayas write us we are happy to organize upper mustang trip for you.

Upper Mustang Nepal highlights