What is the best time to visit Upper Mustang Nepal

What is the best time to visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Best time to visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Enthusiasts of trekking and hiking as well as the nature lovers aspire to visit upper mustang Nepal. This article try to make you clear about the best time to visit upper mustang the kingdom of Lo. Famous trip to upper mustang offer you an opportunity to explore the natural wonder of Himalayas. At the same time you will get the best chances to acquire knowledge about Tibetan culture and customs.

However, before you plan a visit to mustang Nepal, you need to be aware of the perfect time to visit Lower to Upper Mustang. In this article we share the knowledge about the best tine to visit Upper Mustang Nepal the last forbidden Kingdom of Nepal.

When is the best time to visit upper mustang ?

The weather condition of upper mustang area stay best from the months of March to November. In between this time frame you will get exciting tours and trekking experience that stay in your mind forever. Weather conditions of Mustang from March to November stay the best to facilitate some of the most exciting tours for tourists.best time to visit Upper Mustang Nepal

Spring season (March, April and May)

The best season to travel Upper Mustang will be between the months of March to May, when it is the Spring time there. During this part of the year, the weather and temperature stays the most pleasant, and it facilitates the visit of the global tourist to the place.

Temperature getting warm and clear visibility to observe high mountains and landscapes. Famous Tiji festival of Mustang also falls in the month of May. Many tourist from around the world visit Lo-Manthang to celebrate Teji festival with local for 3 days. Spring seasom is the Best time to visit Upper Mustang Nepal.

Monsoon season (June, July and August)

Summer season or the monsoon months are another perfect time to travel Upper Mustang of Nepal. Mustang is a rain-shadow areas situated behind the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif of Himalaya. Rain will not affect the trip and offer great views during these months as well. Therefore, it is highly suggested perfect time to visit whole mustang during summer. On the months of august you can observe archery, songs, dances and horse riding Yartung festival in Lo-Manthang as well.

Autumn season (September, October and November)Upper mustang trek with drive back package details

Autumn season is another best time to visit Upper Mustang the kingdom of Lo. Visibility and weather conditions stay perfect for trekking during this time as well. After monsoon travelers get fresh air, greenery, clear skies, great scenery, perfect temperature to explore the Himalayas. All conditions are perfect for hiking and tours along in Upper Mustang in Autumn season of Nepal. Many tourist from around the world visit Nepal in autumn season, it is much busier then other season.

Winter season (December, January and February)

It is not possible to visit upper mustang for trek and tours in winter season. Never plan a visit to mustang area during the winter months, as the weather conditions turn extreme & snow falls during this time. Even the locals from this region will leave this place in winter and return back when temperature start to become warm.

Keep in mind that you need to issue special permit to enter restricted area of Nepal. It require minimum 2 person in a group to get the permit and need to apply through trekking agency of Kathmandu or Pokhara. Solo trip, independent tour without guide and porter not allowed in upper mustang. Interested individual can join a group on fixed departure date.

The best time to visit Upper Mustang is from late March to early December. During these months, the weather is warm and pleasant, making it ideal for trekking and exploring the region. The skies are clear and offer stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

it is possible to visit Upper Mustang during the monsoon season because This region is sheltered from the monsoon winds and receives very little rainfall. The lack of rainfall in Upper Mustang has created a unique desert-like environment with sparse vegetation, making it an attractive destination for adventure and cultural tourists.

The best time to visit Upper Mustang is between March to November when the weather is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for exploring lower to upper mustang region.

Given information may helps you to plan upper mustang tour best time of the year. Choose a best Upper Mustang tour package or trek that suit your budget and physical fitness. If you can not make the decision when to go? what to do? and the things to see write us an email, destination expert follow you with details to make you clear before booking trip online.

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