Upper Mustang trek difficulty, distance, and altitude details

Upper Mustang trek distance, duration, and altitude details

Upper Mustang trek difficulty details

It is important to know the difficulty of upper mustang tour and trek before visiting the Lowa nomad’s the kingdom of mustang Nepal. The maximum elevation gain during upper mustang trip is about 3850 meters/ 12631 feet. It comes within the category of moderate level trekking, which is suitable for all, trip will endure in your mind forever. Anyone with basic fitness can conquer incredible upper mustang area of Nepal.

Upper mustang trek at glance Upper Mustang trek difficulty

Upper mustang trek distance = about 127 Kilometers / 79 miles

Upper mustang trek difficulty grade = Moderate level

Upper mustang trek duration = 14 days to 18 days

Upper mustang trek altitude = 3850 Lo Manthang Nepal

Upper mustang trek cost = from us$ 1875 to us$ 3250

How difficult is the upper mustang trek?

Moderate levej Journey to Upper Mustang passes through the semi arid deserts along Kali Gandaki river valley of Himalayas. If you have stamina to walk 6 to 7 hours each day for 10 days you can do upper mustang trek easily. There are many ascend and descends on rugged trail but safe and suitable for hiking, nowadays you can get support vehicle also if require. Classic Upper Mustang trek difficulty considered as a moderate level trip.

Spring, Monsoon and autumn season are the best time to go upper mustang Nepal. Average temperature in these seasons is in between 13 to 25 degrees Celsius in day time and -3 to 2 degrees Celsius at night. March to November months offers great visibility of stunning landscapes and high mountains. At the same time visitors experience the beauty of nature and the local tribal traditions of Nepal.

Actually, difficulty grade of walking route depends on the traveler’s fitness, climate, Terrain and trail condition, walking duration each day, elevation and isolation of the destination. At the same walking route different people feels differently like some feels easy, some feels difficult and some people feels challenging. Upper Mustang region is a semi arid desert where you can observe incredible rock formations, high mountains and walk around 125 kilometers dusty trails.

Normally the mornings are clear, fresh and warm enough for hiking with great views, but if the afternoon becomes cloudy, windy and dusty. We and our guide advise you to start trek early in the morning to avoid the problems. Upper mustang trek and tour packages are highly recommended trip for family with kids, seniors and small group too.

Difficulty level of trek depends on the fitness of the travelers. According to the common experience of many trekkers upper mustang route declared as a moderate trekking route of Himalayas. We request all travelers to prepare mentally and physically, eat balance diet and travel during the best time of the year to make hiking trip easy and enjoyable.

Upper Mustang trek difficulty level is considered as moderate to strenuous. It is a challenging trek with steep ascents and descents, rough and rocky terrains, and long hours of walking each day. The trail passes through high-altitude passes, remote areas, and barren landscapes. However, with proper physical preparation, proper gear and sufficient acclimatization, the trek can be completed successfully.

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