The best places to visit upper mustang Nepal

The best places to visit in lower and upper mustang Nepal

The best places to visit upper mustang Nepal

Upper mustang known as a former kingdom of Lo, by the end of 18th century Mustang became a part of Nepal. Mustang open for foreign explorers in the year of 1992. There are many best places to see in Mustang Nepal. Main tourist attraction of this area are pure Tibetan culture, unique geography and natural diversity. Lo Manthang is the best place to discover the Tibetan cultural heritage.

Upper mustang is a restricted area, need special permits to go for trekking and sightseeing. awe-inspiring views, history and cultural heritages of Lo Manthang attract the attention of visitors. There are many places to see in mustang but among of them selected places to visit lower and upper mustang given below. do not miss an opportunity to see the Himalayan wonders once in life time.

List of best places to visit upper mustang Nepal


Marpha is one of the beautiful Thakali village of Mustang district Nepal. it is famous for warm hospitality, Thakali cuisine and apple production in Nepal. Marpha situated at an elevation of 2,650 meters above sea level. Marpha - The best places to visit upper mustang Nepal


Jomsom is a business center of mustang district Nepal situated at an altitude of 2,700 meters. Jomsom is not an interesting place but still famous between travelers. it is only gateway to reach Pokhara by flight from Mustang. According to our experience it is worse place in whole mustang.


Kagbeni village famous for its religious, cultural and historical importance. Kagbeni situated at an elevation 2,804 meters above sea level where one can explore 500 years old earthen walled city, holy sites etc. It is a gateway to upper mustang, surrounded by mountains really interesting place to be.


Muktinath is a famous Vishnu temple one of the best places to visit upper mustang Nepal. it is sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhists. Holy Muktinath Mandir situated at an altitude of 3710 meters above sea level at the foot of the Thorong La pass in Mustang district Nepal.

Yartung festival

Yartung Festival is a horse racing festival that celebrate in manang and mustang district of Nepal. Its celebrate for three days in full moon day of August, annually. During the celebration local take a part in various activities such as horse racing, arrow throwing, dancing and singing etc.

Lo Manthang

Medieval walled city Lo Manthang is a capital of former kingdom of lo established by Ame pal.Lo manthang located at 3,800 meters above sea level another . It is naturally, culturally, historically important places to visit in upper Mustang Nepal.

Chhoser area facts about upper mustang Nepal

Chhoser is one of the village of mustang situated close to Tibetan border, it is an interesting place to explore 9 story caves, ancient monastery and stunning landscape of Chhoser valley.


Kora la is a mountain pass between Tibet and Upper Mustang Nepal. It is a border post between Nepal and Tibet. It is one of the best place to visit in mustang to observe the Tibetan territory.

Tiji festival

Tiji festival is a charming annual festival celebrates in Upper Mustang at Lo-Mustang according to the Tibetan rituals. Tiji “Tenpa Chirim” is the short version of prayer for the World Peace. It celebrates for 3 days on the months of May.

Luri Gumpa

Mysterious Luri monastery is one of the best place to achieved siddhi by meditation. Wall and ceiling of this monastery decorated with many paintings in the 14th century or even earlier. Famous Luri monastery situated at about 100 meters high on steep rock cliffs in remote area of mustang.

Ghar Gumba

Ghar gompa is the oldest monastery of mustang built in 8th century by guru Rinpoche “Padmasambhava” the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Ghar Gumba related with Nyingma sect of Buddhism. Ghar Gumba situated at an elevation of 3931 meters above sea level.

Ghami village

Ghami is a small village located in the heart of Upper Mustang. It is known for its unique architecture, which includes several ancient stupas and a large red-colored monastery. The village is also home to several ancient caves that were once used by hermits for meditation.

Yara village

Yara is a remote village located in the upper reaches of Upper Mustang. It is known for its stunning landscapes that include barren hills, deep gorges, and snow-capped peaks. The village is also home to several ancient Buddhist monasteries and is a great place for trekking.

Dhakmar Area

Dhakmar is a small village located on the trekking route between Lo Manthang and Ghami. It is known for its unique landscape that includes red cliffs and eroded canyons.

Damodar Kunda

Holy Damodar kunda is the source of black ammonite fossils “Sacred Shaligram” it is faith that the fossils are embodiments of God Vishnu. Both Hindus and Buddhists collect the fossils to worship them. Damodar Kunda is situated at 4890 meters above sea level. Many devotees from around the world go to take a bath in the sacred water of Damodar Kunda Lake. Limited number of visitors reach damother kunda because of the altitude but it is one of the best places to visit upper mustang Nepal.

Sky caves Nepal

There are more than ten thousand man made caves in mustang. Some caves are easily reachable but some cannot be reach by the climbers. All sky caves are empty now but show signs of presence of human in past.

People, culture & landscape of upper mustang is the main attraction for travelers. Ancient Buddhist Monuments make upper mustang trip memorable and interesting when know its history and myth.

Upper mustang is one of the best travel destination of the world. Its history, places to see, things to and importance featured in national geographic channel, lonely planet, trip advisor BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Xinhua, CGTN and many other international news and guide books.

Upper Mustang is a fascinating region of Nepal that offers a unique blend of culture and nature. If you are planning a trip to Nepal, be sure to include Upper Mustang in your itinerary. Whether you are interested in ancient monasteries, stunning landscapes, or unique architecture, there is something for everyone in Upper Mustang.

It is possible to visit upper mustang from the months of march to November. Spring and autumn months are the best seasons to visit Mustang. Either you are trekking or tours to upper mustang all you need to pack necessary gear properly to make trip more comfortable. Check an overview of the best places to visit upper mustang Nepal before heading to this mysterious land of Himalayas for tourism.

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