Upper Mustang weather and temperature update today

Upper Mustang weather and temperature update today

Upper Mustang weather and temperature update today

The exceptionally beautiful area of mustang can be divided into 2 parts, the upper and the lower Mustang Nepal. While the upper part is known for tour and hiking, the lower part is celebrated for its pilgrimage, exceptional natural and scenic beauty. As for the upper mustang weather, the major portion of this part is placed within the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, and hence, it is possible to travel along this zone during the monsoons as well. The annual temperature for this area, on an average is around 11 degrees centigrade, and receives around 307 mm rainfall annually.Update Average temperature of upper mustang today

Average temperature of upper mustang during the springs

The spring season is the ideal time for the trekkers to trek around the upper mustang, as the weather is perfect for them to explore breathtaking views over the peaks of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, as well as Nilgiri. During the spring time, the average upper mustang temperature during the daytime varies between 13 to 22 degree Centigrade, while it can drop down below the freezing point at nights.

Weather & climate of Mustang during the monsoons

As the location of this area is along the rain-shadow region of the Himalayas, monsoons in this area is not that significant. However, during the months between June to September, the temperature can vary in the range between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade during the daytime, while, it can be in the range between -3 and 0 degrees during the night. Upper mustang temperature on weather forecast

Upper mustang weather and temperature during the autumn

The span between the months of October and November is the autumn time in this region, and is the most solicited time to pay a visit to this region. During this season, one can get a wonderful view over the Himalayas. As for the upper mustang weather and temperature, the day and night time temperature in this zone can vary between 11 and 20 degrees, and between -7 and -2 degrees respectively.

Upper mustang temperature during the winters

This is the most adverse time to visit this kingdom, as the temperature can drop to the extent between -25 and -20 degrees during the night, and the daytime temperature usually varies in the range between 0 to degrees centigrade during the daytime. As soon as the sun sets, the entire area starts freezing. Usually, the local of this region migrates to Pokhara or to Kathmandu, until the cold starts fading out. Therefore, you should never plan to visit upper mustang during this part of the year.

Upper Mustang, located in the rain shadow of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range in northern region of Nepal. It has a unique and diverse climate. The temperature and weather in Upper Mustang vary greatly depending on the time of year and altitude.

In the summer months (June to August), the temperature can reach up to 30°C during the day and drop to around 10°C at night. The days are warm and sunny, making it the perfect time to trek in Upper Mustang.

During the winter months (December to February), the temperature can drop to below freezing at night, with daytime temperatures hovering around 10°C. Snowfall is common in the higher elevations and it can be very cold and windy.

In the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November), the temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C, with clear skies and pleasant weather. This are popular time for trekking tours in Upper Mustang, as the wildflowers are in full bloom. During the fall season leaves on the trees change color and make valley really charm.
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