Upper Mustang video the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal

Upper Mustang video the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal

Upper Mustang video the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal

Upper Mustang video shows the real image of secret world, its unique landscape, nature and live Tibetan culture untouched by the modern world. Actually Upper mustang is a special places of planet. upper mustang trek videoMajor highlights of the last forbidden kingdom are striking semi-arid desert, Buddhist culture, sky caves, traditional villages, ancient monasteries, snow-capped peaks, amazing cliffs, colorful rock formations and walled city of Lo Manthang etc.

If you want to explore upper mustang, you need to opt for special permit and trip arrangements through reputed trekking agency in Nepal. The best time to avail upper mustang trip is during spring autumn and monsoon months.

Given videos of upper mustang area of Nepal’s cover main things to do and places to see in mustang Nepal. it helps you to plan upper mustang tour or trekking trip according to the suitability. The best time to go explore upper mustang and Lo-Manthang area are the months of Spring, autumn and monsoon seasons in Nepal. Given upper mustang tours video inspire you and if willing to visit this incredible land write us.

Upper Mustang is a region in Nepal known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique landscapes. In videos of Upper Mustang, viewers can expect to see breathtaking aerial shots of the region’s rolling hills, deep valleys, and towering peaks. Footage of the region’s ancient monasteries and temples, including the iconic Muktinath Temple, provide a glimpse into the region’s rich religious history.

Other highlights in videos of Upper Mustang may include scenes of the region’s local inhabitants, including the nomadic herders and farmers who have lived in the region for centuries. Viewers may also see the vibrant culture and traditions of the region, including traditional festivals and dances, as well as daily life in the villages and communities.¬†Overall, videos of Upper Mustang provide an immersive look at one of Nepal’s most remote and captivating regions.

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