Medieval walled city facts about Lo Manthang Nepal

Amazing facts of medieval walled city of Lo Manthang Nepal

Interesting facts about Lo Manthang Nepal

Medieval walled city of Lo Manthang was the capital of earlier kingdom of Lo. King Ame pal established an independent kingdom of Lo in 1380’s. He built an earthen wall to protect the city. There are about 180 white-washed houses with narrow street, a 4 storied palace, 4 red-walled monasteries and open area to organize the special program like tiji and other festivals.Interesting facts about Upper Mustang Nepal

Lo-manthang Nepal is a Buddhist cultural hub of Himalayas. Lo became a dependency in the 18th century but kept its hereditary rulers, These days it’s a part of Nepal. Upper mustang is a controlled area; it requires special permits to enter for foreigners to protect local tradition, culture and environment etc.
Lo-Manthang city had a single entrance for all residents, these days many houses and hotels are building out of the wall city. Most of the people who live in Lo-manthang city are ‘Lobas’. They practice Tibetan Buddhism, people culture and lifestyle very similar to ancient Tibet, still in untouched by the modernity.

Lo Manthang located at an elevation 3810 meters above sea level. Upper mustang situated in rain shadow area of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range of Himalayas; In this way It is possible to visit Lo Manthang in Monsoon, spring, autumn season.

Lo Manthang is a remote and beautiful area of Upper Mustang. The rock formation, caves in high cliffs, amazing landscapes, ancient monasteries, Tibetan cultures, Chorten etc are the main tourist attraction of Lo Manthang. The monuments, like longest Mani wall of ghami, Khorok Chorten, Dakmar and Ghar Gumpa of Upper Mustang, have kept the legendary history of guru Padmasambhav alive.

Agriculture, animal husbandry and trade have been the main sources of living in Lo since ancient times, but nowadays tourism is the main factor of local economy. Upper Mustang is the most promising area in Nepal for archaeological work, indigenous biodiversity and cultural heritage. Read more Amazing facts of medieval walled city of Lo Manthang Nepal.

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Amazing Lo Manthang facts and figures

# Lobas people still practice Fraternal polyandry (A woman get married with all the brothers of a family) in Lo Manthang Nepal to control the population and prevent fragmentation of family property. Upper Mustang trekking

# Tiji festival celebrates each year in Lo-Manthang Nepal, “Teeji” is the abbreviated from of Tempa Chhirim which explains to “Prayer for World peace”.

# The settlement of Lo Manthang city surrounded by a 6-meter high earthen wall with square towers or dzong on the corners.

# There are 1100 Lobas people live in 180 mud houses inside the wall city of lo manthang Nepal.

# Lo Manthang was a restricted area for foreigners till 1992; today limited numbers of tourists allowed to enter per year. Foreign Visitors need to purchase a special permit to enter this region.

# Lo manthang to kora la (Tibetan Border) distance is 20 kilometers / 12 miles.

# Jomsom to lo manthang distance is about 85 kilometers / 53 miles.

# Kathmandu to Lo Manthang travel distance by road is 450 kilometers / 280 miles.

Lo Manthang is a unique and fascinating town with a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, architecture, trekking and off road tours. Despite its remote location, Lo Manthang is a welcoming and hospitable place, and visitors are sure to leave with unforgettable memories.

Upper Mustang tour for Nepali to know the interesting facts about Lo Manthang Nepal. Explore an ancient Buddhist cultures, man madfe caves, moonscape, thousand years old monasteries, peoples and beautiful scenery during Lo Manthang trekking tours in Himalayas. If you are planning to go for trekking tours with your friends, then upper mustang Nepal will be the perfect place for you.

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